How to maintain Your Casino Bonus

The connotations attached to the word bonus, often bring about a shadow of mistrust. Many raise their eye-brows, or shake their heads, a pointed finger outstretched and wagging, openly defiant to the notion of a free reward, free money. However, the casino bonus is a concept of credible legitimacy.

But, what do I have to do, you may ask, how much do I need to pay?

There’s no need for any adverseness or disinclination when embracing the concept of a bonus and claiming your own. For a casino bonus is merely additional money paid to you. As incentive for making certain bets and playing casino games on certain sites. And wasn’t engaging in these games and making bets your original intent. In the first place? It is merely a credit paid to you for playing the games you love.

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Many casinos offer bonuses to potential players before they even set virtual footstep inside that casino. There are sign-up bonuses where just by being a new gamer, you get a reward. There are bonuses awarded for continuing to play at a certain casino. The individual games it has on offer. Even you are even referral bonuses, where you get rewarded. For telling a friend and getting them to sign-up, too.

Claiming a Bonus

There are, however, certain protocols to claiming a bonus that is owed to you. Firstly, any notion of a bonus automatically appearing in your account should be banished straight off the bat. A bonus is an incentive to you for picking that casino, or playing that game, or making a bet over a certain amount for another. A bonus may even be paid for playing a certain game. Predetermined length of time, and even for a particular number of hands, in games like poker or blackjack. Only once you have fulfilled one of these requirements, will a bonus be granted. And then, that money is yours. You may cash it out or continue to bet, the choice is yours.

Another protocol that may be implemented by any given casino involves the initial starting deposit. Sometimes the bonus will be tied in to your starting deposit. To claim that bonus, you may have to bet a certain percentage of your deposit. The amount differs new slot sites UK no deposit required with each casino and so will the bonus amount.

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The reason for these protocols are that any respectable casino is willing to offer you incentive for choosing that casino and playing its games, however, they cannot risk the involvement of certain unscrupulous players who may seek to exploit the sacred concept of the bonus by joining, and withdrawing as soon as they’ve received theirs. Therefore, a system of wager and reward has been implemented. Any player that fits the requirements and procedures above receives new slot sites no deposit required UK a bonus, no questions asked.

Some Doubt About Online Casino

So quash that doubt, smother that hesitation, lower those eyebrows and stop wagging that finger. A Casino Bonus is a veritable concept. Sure, you may have to meet certain requirements to receive one. But those requirements are tied in to the overall experience of the online game. Joined to procedures you would have engaged in anyway. With a bonus, however, the chances of reward are so much greater.